Gordon “Gordo” McQueen played 60 games with the Raiders.

Gordon “Gordo” McQueen playing for Vic Metro

Gordo was a latecomer to the Raiders who had played an enormous amount of football all over Victoria and Interstate prior to the Raiders. He played his first game of football at the Raiders in Round 1 2004 and his last at the age of 73 in 2013 helping out the Over 45’s who were short of players. Even though he was 73 he would have kept on playing if his body had let him. He loved playing football and everything about football clubs.

Gordo was voted best Clubman twice in 2009 and 2011. An honour he truly deserved. Not surprisingly even when he stopped playing, he stayed involved at the Raiders as a Team Manager.
Gordo was a Superules Carnival stalwart who played in Carnivals all across Australia. He loved the Carnivals, loved the challenge of playing against the best ruckmen of his age in Australia, with whom he had some legendary battles. He also loved the camaraderie and socialising that goes with being involved with a lot of people united by a common football cause.

“Gordo” was a ruckman who had mastered the “art” of ruckwork. At centre bounces he could hit the ball wherever he wanted. As a midfielder he would direct you where to stand and you would stand there because that is where he would hit the ball. He could work his opponent to any spot he desired which would end in him having the advantage. He had an amazing ability to stand his ground, though I never played against him, I would imagine trying to move him once he had staked his territory would have been near on impossible. “Gordo” was an intelligent footballer, always thinking about the game and the strategy required to win. For a big man, he had an amazing knack of covering the ground, he would routinely be the first to boundary throw ins to take his spot. He had great endurance and was more than happy to ruck all day on his own. “Gordo” was generous with sharing his knowledge of the “art” of ruckwork. Many a Raider ruckman has been tutored by him in the “art” of ruckwork.

Whilst “Gordo” was a fierce competitor on the field, of the field he was an absolute gentleman, A gentle giant if you like, softy spoken, never swore and polite to the extreme. He was a man of no fuss who got on with life no matter what was thrown his way. “Gordo” had a significant impact on the culture of the Raiders, for the better, because he was a man who led by example, honest, respectful, straightforward, inclusive, considerate he was loved and respected by everyone at the Raiders who met him.

Rest in Peace Great Man.