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AFL Masters - Vic Metro


AFL Masters was originally founded in the Victorian country town of Nhill by John Hammer and other like-minded football fanatics in August 1980. They felt it unfair that the game they loved to play was a game for the young. Denied an opportunity to play competitive football in their later years, Superules, now known as AFL Masters, was conceived with the idea that players 35 years and over be able to continue playing the sport they love in a family friendly environment, though without the heavy commitment required during their earlier days in the sport. AFL Masters is now supported by the Australian Football League and is played in all states and territories. Many ex-AFL players continue their playing careers with a local AFL Masters club!

With over 120 clubs Australia wide – over 30 of which are in Vic Metro – the league continues to grow and provide opportunities to veteran players to play ‘Footy for Fun.’

In 2001, Superules became known as Masters Australian Football and all states adopted the new MAF logo. 2009 saw the AFL embrace Superules and hence the league is now known as AFL Masters.

Since 1983, players 35 years and over have competed in the annual National Carnival. Playing in a National Carnival side and wearing the Big V with an AFL logo on your chest is the stuff that tall tales (“I played for Victoria!”) told to the grandchildren are made of.