AFL Masters - Vic Metro

Match Day Paperwork Requirements

Required Match Day Paperwork

The following paperwork must be submitted

Clubs please note

  • Home Clubs are to email all original paperwork to [email protected] by no later than 5pm the Tuesday after Sunday’s game.
  • It is the responsibility of the Home Club to send ALL original paperwork for Home Club and Away Club.
  • Handwritten Team Sheets will not be excepted. Changes on the day can be hand written on the PlayHQ printed Team Sheet, however PlayHQ must be updated with player changes after the match.
  • Paperwork must be labelled, scanned and attached separately. Click here for a list of file names that must be used.
  • Match Day checklist (Marsh Sports). Please submit with match day paperwork.
  • Teamsheets must be signed by the players; if not signed they will not be credited with that game.

If paperwork is not received by 5pm the Tuesday after Sunday’s game, or at all, Home Club will be penalised via means of fine. Click here for fine details.