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Club Funding

Clubs fielding teams in AFLVM competitions are eligible to apply for Telstra Footy Grants for up to $20,000 to foster the growth of and help support your club.

Examples of eligible projects that grants can be spent on include growing and assisting volunteer capacity, growing and diversifying participation, and improving and environments and player experiences.

Applications for the Telstra Footy Grants are considered in rounds. The following dates represent a cut off for when your applications are considered:
Round 1: Monday 5th February to 11:59pm (AEDT) Sunday 3rd March 2024
Round 2: Monday 4th March to 3pm (AEST) Friday 19th April 2024
Round 3: 3:01pm (AEST) Friday 19th April to 3pm (AEST) Thursday 13th June 2024
Round 4: 3:01pm (AEST) Thursday 13th June to 5pm (AEST) Wednesday 7th August 2024

Application outcomes will be provided via email, and you should expect to receive an update on:
Round 1: Week of Monday 25th March 2024
Round 2: Week of Monday 20th May 2024
Round 3: Week of Monday 8th July 2024
Round 4: Week of Monday 2nd September 2024

For assistance with your application, please contact Marian de la Cruz from Grant Professionals.
Email: [email protected]