AFL Masters - Vic Metro

League Fines & Penalties

Late Payment of Fees

AFL Masters Victorian Metropolitan Football League stipulates, as part of our Terms of Agreement, that Clubs have 30 days to pay all invoices, unless otherwise stated.

  • League Registration Fee; if not paid within 30 days, a late penalty fee of 10% will be added for the first month (30 days) and 20% the second month (60 days).
  • If Registration Fees are still not paid after 60 days, the Club will not be awarded Premiership Points.
  • If a Club has other outstanding accounts greater than 30 days, the Club will not be awarded Premiership Points.
  • If a Club is late with Registration fees, greater than 60 days, and has other outstanding accounts greater than 30 days, they will not be entered into the Competition for that Season.

Late Match Day Paperwork

  • $20 if scores are not added to Sports TG by 5:30pm the day of the game.
  • $20 if required paperwork for match is not sent by email in the required format by 5pm the Tuesday after the game.
  • An additional $20 every week the paperwork is late.
  • An additional $40 every week the paperwork is late, for a second and third offence throughout the same season.
  • A fourth offence of late paperwork within the same season will see Board involvement.
  • $20 for incorrect file names. Please refer to Match Day Paperwork – File Names.

Late Notification of Information/Documentation (required yearly)

All documents below are to be sent to the General Manager by 1st of February each year. Please email relevant documentation to

  • Certificate of Currency 
  • Club AGM – details of date and time to be sent to General Manager 
  • Club committee contacts – details of committee members are to be sent to General Manager 

President/Delegate meeting non-attendance

  • 1st meeting – $20
  • 2nd meeting – $40
  • 3rd meeting – you are in breach of the League Constitution and therefore the Board will be notified and further action/a tribunal will take place.

President/Delegate AGM non-attendance

  • Attendance to the AFLVM AGM is a requirement.
  • Should any Club not send a representative, there will be a $200 fine.


  1. As per the AFL Rules, a Team forfeits a Match if:
    1. it is unable or it fails, refuses or neglects to commence or recommence play:
      1. at the scheduled starting time; or
      2. within such other time period determined or specified by the controlling Body, a field Umpire or these Laws; or
    2. the field Umpire determines, in accordance with these Laws, that a Team has forfeited the Match; or
    3. an event occurs under the Laws which results in a Team forfeiting the Match.
  2. Also, as per the AFL Rules:
    1. consequences of 10.7.2 & 3 – Other team gets points & percentage calculation
    2. Player numbers 20.7 – If team is reduced to less than 14 players due to a player being ordered off.
    3. refusal to leave playing surface 9.4.2, 20.6.2
  3. AFL Vic Metro modifications:
    1. If forfeiting Club notifies the League and other Club 7 days prior to game, then $250 fine paid to league, the league may pay compensation to the other Club if it is the home side;
    2. If forfeiting Club notifies the League or other Club less than 7 days prior to game, then a $500 fine is to be paid to the League, the League may pay compensation to the other if it is a home side;
    3. Second forfeit $500 fine and instant removal from fixture for rest of year. Need to show cause to be admitted next season;

The fine is to be paid before the next scheduled game for that Club.

Where the fine remains unpaid and the Club does take the field, the four points for that game will be awarded to the opposition, and the Club will be liable to a further $500

Where the offending Club amalgamates with another Club in the competition, any outstanding fines incurred will become the liability of the amalgamated entity.

‘AFL Masters’ logo non-compliance

  • 1st offence – $40;
  • 2nd offence – matter referred to Secretary (

Breach of terms and conditions of the use of the ‘AFL Masters’ Logo. See Fact Sheet – ‘AFL Masters’ Logo Style Guide for terms and conditions.

Approval for use of logo needs to be sourced from the General Manager – prior to use.

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