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Umpiring Roles

Field Umpires – appointed by AFLVM during the Home and Away season and finals
Field umpires are responsible for controlling the action on the ground by officiating play, actively monitoring two full teams at all stages of a match and making decisions.
Field umpires are responsible for officiating in accordance with AFL and AFLVM rules, both of which can be found on the AFLVM Rules page, and ensuring games are conducted in the spirit of the game relevant to these laws. They are also responsible for correctly completing match paperwork, maintaining a safe environment for all players, and making fair and unbiased decisions with the goal of being as consistent as possible. Field umpires are also required to keep up with the speed of the play and be able to operate fairly and calmly in a passionate sporting environment.

Goal Umpires – appointed by the Club during the Home and Away season. AFLVM appoint goal umpires for finals.
Goal umpires are responsible for correctly and accurately recording all scores on a score card and working with boundary and field umpires to ensure the match operates smoothly. Goal umpires have the challenge of being in the best possible position to correctly make any scoring decisions.
Goal umpires typically umpire multiple matches on any given day.

Boundary Umpires – AFLVM do not have boundary umpires.