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AFL Masters - Vic Metro



AFLVM By-Laws (May 2024) – Download PDF here

2024 AFLVM On-Field Rules Adopted By The League – Download PDF here

2024 Laws of the Game – Download PDF here

AFL National Community Football Policy Handbook – Download PDF here 

AFL Masters Vic Metro – Order Off Rule – Download PDF Here

Tribunal and Appeal Board Procedure – Download PDF Here

AFLVM Code of Conduct – Download PDF here

AFL Masters rules are based on the playing rules of the AFL. However, there are some specific modifications and Umpiring instructions which over-rule any AFL rules when relevant.

Superules was formulated in 1980, all matches are conducted under the 2022 Laws of Australian Rules Football.

The major rule modifications are listed here. You can be assured that the AFL Masters umpires will let you know on the field any infringements you may have made. The rule modifications are there purely to take into account our ages (35-70!), our families and our futures (and the fact most of our players have work to go to the next day!

The behavioural changes are there to ensure our league is a friendly, family and community based enjoyable event.


Same as AFL.  The 9 point Supergoal was removed in Feb 2017.

The Ruck

Only one player from each team to contest all ruck contests. A third or subsequent player shall result in a free kick against third or subsequent player. A free kick shall be awarded against any ruckman who raises his knee or leg against his opponent when contesting any ruck contest.


A player in front of a pack competing for a mark is given every protection and opportunity to take the mark. No knees, boots or unnecessary interference.

Player Protection

All players making the ball their objective are to be given the utmost protection by the umpire. Any contact other than a legal side bump or legal tackle (between knee and shoulder) shall be deemed unduly rough play and a free kick awarded.

Charges (shirt front) are banned irrespective of ball proximity. A charge means an act of colliding with an opposition player where the amount of physical force used is unreasonable or unnecessary, irrespective of ball proximity.

Slinging players to the ground, whether the player is in possession of the ball or not is illegal and shall result in a free kick being awarded or if it happens after the ball has been disposed of, a free kick shall be awarded down the field where the ball lands.

Late contact, in any form, when the ball has been disposed of, will result in a relayed free kick being paid down the field.

Chopping with a clenched fist will result in a free kick being awarded.

A free kick shall be granted against a player who deliberately kicks at the ball whilst an opposing player(s) has his hand on or near the ball or is on the ground in the immediate vicinity of the ball.


Field umpires shall carry red, yellow and green cards for all matches. Players shown GREEN or YELLOW card can be replaced for the set duration of the penalty period. No replacement for a RED card.

Holding The Ball/ Prior Opportunity Rule

A player in possession of the ball who has had reasonable time (prior opportunity) to dispose of the ball MUST when legally held by an opponent firmly enough to retard his progress, dispose of the ball by a kick or handball with in a reasonable time of being held, otherwise a free kick shall be awarded against the player for failing to dispose of the ball in a legal manner.

The field umpire shall throw the ball up when the player with the ball has the ball held to his body by an opponent, unless the player has had a reasonable time (prior opportunity) to dispose of the ball prior to being tackled, in which case a free kick shall be awarded for holding the ball.

Holding the ball in: A player who elects to dive on the ball and or drag the ball under him when he is on the ground will be penalised for holding the ball if he does not immediately hit the ball clear when held legally.
When a player is fairly bumped in the side and the ball falls from his hands – the call is play on. Likewise when a player is either knocked on the arms causing him to drop.

Audible Bad Language

Due to the age of our participants the National Board of Masters Australian Football encourages the involvement of families. To that end any player who engages in the use of bad language that the umpire deems could be heard beyond the boundaries of the playing field shall pay a free kick against the offending player and advise continuance of such behaviour could incur a more severe penalty i.e. Send Off GREEN Card.