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FAQ’s NEW Clubs for AFLVM 2023 Women’s Competition


What are the current opportunities for Over 35’s Womens in Vic Metro?

Vic Metro’s player pathway includes the Over 35’s Women’s Competition established in 2018 with 18-a side teams, and since 2022, the developing Over 35’s Women’s Non-Contact with 9 a side teams.
More information about opportunities and pathways here:


Are there opportunities for only small groups or individual players?

Yes, clubs are actively recruiting! If your closest Master’s club does not have a Women’s team in 2024 there are still may be opportunities to train with the club. Contact a neighbouring club to join with an existing women’s team. Play as a fill in or join in with casual matches organised throughout the season.

For the 18-a side competition, how many games are in the season?

2024 is likely to have 10 home and away games, played fortnightly Saturdays over winter, plus 2 weeks of finals.

Where are the games played?

Since the first competition in 2018, the women’s competition have enjoyed double headers and whole round at one venue. 2024 fixtures is likely to have 2 home matches for all clubs. The teams travel to each home ground for double headers or whole round at one venue if there are available ovals. The 2024 Fixture plans to minimise travel where possible but the comp is spread from Werribee, Mordialloc to Preston/Reservoir.

What is the mix of players in terms of ages or experience?

With only one age group at this stage, there is a lot of variety in players’ ages. To be eligible, a player has to turn 35 by 31 December. In terms of experience, there are many players over 35 who were not offered any football opportunities as a young kid. This means that the competition welcomes all players brand new to football with great enthusiasm. Estimates are 30-40% players have played footy before, and 60-70% of the comp are new to the game as an Over 35s player. There are brand new players in every team, some who played a bit and then retired, and a smaller group of players who have significantly more game time. 

Is there anyone to talk to about the competition?

Yes! The Over 35’s Women’s football community is super friendly and very ready to talk about footy. 
The objectives of the Women’s Competitions are ‘Footy for fun – a safe place for everyone’. Community sport which is safe and inclusive, and fosters positive experiences for the players, teams, clubs, supporters and community. Each month, the Women’s comp meet together in the Women’s Comp Sub committee, which aims to promote the comp as inviting and inclusive environment. Contact us for a chat!


how many players are needed for a sustainable list?

Over 35’s Women’s teams are 18 plus 6 bench. A minimum of 14 players on the day is needed, and the opposition can share players. Clubs have found ~35 players are often in the list when considering availabilities, injuries, family commitments and holidays

any tips for introducing new teams to men only clubs?

Our competition has a lot of peer support and tips in this space. AFL has club help with some resources that can help with first impressions, inclusive language, female friendly facilities, coaching women.


any tips for recruiting new players

Word of mouth, facebook and peer support has been effective for the clubs so far. Also try flyers and posters at local businesses, gyms, to hand out at AFLW matches or community footy games. Promote with parents at AusKick, or in school communities. Come and try days help people to check out your club with a view to membership. Also helpful to have women coaching and being visible in the club, so that women feel that the club is going to be supportive for a player new to footy.