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Developing a Women’s Team

Introducing an Over 35s Women’s Team

If you are introducing a new Women’s team to your existing club, there are resources here for everyone whether you are starting your first female football team, or wanting to improve the experience for your existing teams. Importantly, this also includes strategies which can assist your club to successfully recruit and engage women and girls in playing, coaching and administration roles.

If your Club would like to apply to field a Women’s non-contact or Women’s competition team in 2024, please review the follow resources. New team entries close 15 October each year.

Application for Membership
Club Registration Form
New Club Application Requirements
New Team Audit Questions

Individual Players

Clubs are actively recruiting! Contact your closest club to find a women’s team.

If your closest AFL Master’s club did not have a Women’s team in 2023 there are still plenty of opportunities for you to join in the fun. Play as a fill in or join in with casual matches that will be organised throughout the season.

Contact the AFLVM Women’s Football community directly via our facebook page: or email: [email protected]